PocketPronto - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size PocketPronto is best for me?

Please refer to the pocket sizing chart on this website.

General rule of thumb for pocket sizes:

  • Size Extra Small will hold flip phones, keys, a wallet or other smaller items.
  • Size Small is perfect for an older iPhone with a thin case.
  • Size Medium will hold the iPhone x with a standard case or older iPhones with a rugged case.
  • Size Large is sized for an iPhone x with a rugged case.
  • Size Extra Large will hold larger cell phones.
  • Size Eyeglasses is longer and thin to snugly fit a pair of eyeglasses.

Will the PocketPronto damage fabric that it is attached to?

The PocketPronto does not damage the fabric that it is attached to; however, we would not recommend attaching it to sheer, delicate or fragile fabric that snags easily such as lace or chiffon. The pocket attachment system is designed to pinch the fabric in order to stay attached without slipping, so it may create a crease or wrinkle in the fabric which normally can be easily removed by washing or pressing the fabric. To list a few examples, a PocketPronto has been tested on yoga pants, tshirts, jeans, khaki pants, canvas, chino pants, flannel, running clothes, a purse, and even a wedding dress! 

Is the PocketPronto washable?

Yes, we recommend hand washing and air drying both pieces of the PocketPronto. Do not dry the PocketPronto in a heated dryer as hot temperatures will warp the pocket attachment system.

Will the PocketPronto fall off if I wear it actively?

With enough force, it is possible for the PocketPronto pocket to be pulled off; however, as long as you have it attached correctly, it should stay connected. As an example, people have worn it running, mountain biking, hiking, gardening, canoeing, sailing, driving a tractor, playing volley ball, dodge ball, golf, table tennis and croquet.

Is the PocketPronto waterproof?

The PocketPronto pocket is fully lined with ripstop nylon and has an optional ripstop nylon cover flap; however, ripstop nylon is water resistant not waterproof.

Is the inside piece of the PocketPronto uncomfortable?

The inside piece of the PocketPronto is lined with a soft moisture wicking type fabric that many people have said they cannot even feel it is there. The piece can be hand washed without a problem and is very flexible.