PocketPronto - Sizing Chart

This Table lists pocket sizes with examples of items that will fit. To ensure that your item(s) will fit it the pocket size you order, measure the width and thickness of your phone or other item(s) and select a pocket size that is slightly wider than the total of your measured width and thickness added together . You can also use the phone sizing chart on the phoneArena.com website to see how your phone size compares to an example phone below.

 Size Pocket Dimensions (width x length) Typical Items that will fit
mini 3.25" x 4" keys or small flip phone
small 3.5" x 5.5" iPhone 5 with thin case
medium 3.75" x 6" iPhone 6,7,8,x, Galaxy S9 with thin case or iPhone 5 with thick case
large 4" x 6" iPhone 6,7,8,x with thick case
extra large 4.5" x 7" iPhone x, Galaxy S9 with thick case 
glasses 2.5" x 6" eye glasses


General rule of thumb for pocket sizes:

  • Size Extra Small will fit the flip phones, keys, a wallet or other smaller items.
  • Size Small is perfect for an older iPhone with a thin case.
  • Size Medium will hold the iPhone x with a standard case or older iPhones with a rugged case.
  • Size Large is sized for an iPhone x with a rugged case.
  • Size Extra Large will fit the larger cell phones.
  • Size Eyeglasses is longer and thin to snugly fit a pair of eyeglasses.