The "Snake Belt"

This novel conveyor belt can solve product handling scenarios which were previously not solvable, problematic, or overly expensive.  The patented "Snake Belt" has unique properties including the ability to vary in width during travel, go around turns, change surface speeds, among others.  This belt can also be manufactured in different sizes, forms, and styles to suit a large variety of applications.

    Links to Granted Utility Patents:
    Patent No. 10,507,978

    Additional patents are pending.

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    Key Features:

    • This belt can vary in WIDTH during travel.
    • Useful for converging and spreading - No dead spots between belts.
    • Allows for open design conveyor structures, in some cases only two rails are needed and no belt supports are required due to traverse tension induced in the belt.
    • It can go around turns, while distributing loads to ALL joints, thereby reducing stress concentration when compared to collapsing belt designs.
    • Internal motion of the belt is possible.  The middle of the belt can "shake" back and forth while traveling, move vertically up or down.
    • Sanitary and clean.  The links have zero enclosed spaces.
    • Automatic load balancing between joints.
    • Self-tensioning
    • Minimal Parts
    • Simple "snap together" assembly.
    • Able to be manufactured in a large variety of sizes, shapes, forms, and embodiments (all patent protected) 

    Snap-Together Assembly:
    This version of the belt requires no special tooling to assemble.  This makes repairs in the field simple and fast.

    Prototypes and Example Applications:
    The snake belt can be built in various forms and can serve a variety of uses. Some examples are shown below:

    Example Converging Conveyor

    Modular Plastic "Hook and Ring" Prototype

    "Hook and Ring" Spreader/Converger Prototype

    Modular "Link and Pin" Prototype

    Modular "Ring and Link" Prototype

    Continuous "Synthetic Net" Prototype

    Example Control Element Prototypes